Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Whats been happening this week?

Another great week so far in Atawhai.


We would like to thank the Queen for having a birthday

It seems that teachers and children alike, respond so well to a four day week!

2SW and 2GE went to mass today.
It was commented on by many how beautifully they sang.
Well done to our songbirds!

   Look at the newest addition
to our school playground---time to make sure our 'choppers' are in mint condition.

It's that time of year again and speeches
are well underway. Most children have now
chosen their topic and are crafting some really interesting, creative and informative
Don't rush the ending---keep recrafting and refining your speech.
Time then to start saying it aloud --memorise as much as you can--make cue cards--try it out on someone at home--watch the time!

One last image from the Science Roadshow...


Even Mothers get 'stuck' sometimes!

Thank you to the parents who helped us out--we did tell you it was ' hands on!'

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