Wednesday, 8 June 2016


On Thursday afternoon, Atawhai went to the exciting Science Roadshow for 2016. The ride only took a few minutes but every second seemed to go by slowly. When we got there, we saw a big white truck with a cute teddy bear and dog on it. We thought we were going in the truck but we trudged into a huge hall. The hall was filled with different activities and machines.

Sean was the science guide (he was really tall). Sean taught us about sound-waves, acid-water, heat music and about other exciting and different science investigations. When he had finished, we had a look at all the really cool machines scattered around the hall. One of our favourite machines was the wind blower - it could blow wind at 50 kph! Another favourite was the toilet, you had to pump the leaver to get water to flush the toilet (it was a lot of hard work).

We were there for a few hours but it felt way longer. Before we left, Sean gave the winners of the competition a toy dragon - which changed colour when you applied heat! The toy dragons were made by a 3D printer. 
Soon after that, we left and that’s how the Science Roadshow went. You can see for yourself at MOTAT in the school holidays! 

A big thank you to the wonderful parents who came and supported us on this trip. You were a big help.

By William and Amelia.

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