Thursday, 5 May 2016

Pentecost Celebration

After our school liturgy, we had party games in our learning community to celebrate the birthday of the church. We laughed and played and had fun together.

We love this game that Mrs Walsh taught us. Phoebe is going to guess who the 'Dove' is, in the rug.

Everyone loves musical chairs! Thanks Miss Andrews for your funky tunes! Harry was a really energetic dancer!

We enjoyed sack races and having some time in the sun. (It's harder than it looks!)

Here we are playing the memory game.

We had a great time celebrating the birthday of the church!


At the end of term 1 in Atawhai we were learning about how to interpret and record data on a graph.
We had loads of fun and we had a competition to decide who had displayed their data the best.
Here are the winners ***

WILLIAM & TOBY (clever---even managed percentages)

                     RAPH & JOSH ( took time out from playing soccer to discover that there are actually some other sports apart from soccer!)

LILA & AVA  (Really? a berry pie is tops!)

ELLA P  & LARA  ( Cookies & Cream was always going to be the winner!)

We decided are a very food and sports driven bunch in LC2, as these two topics were
by far the most popular topics!

Well done everyone!

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